Operation Policy

* Please be aware of this for a pleasant community.

This operating policy is an operating policy necessary for operating the services provided by Special Days Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’), so please read it carefully as non-compliance may result in disadvantages.

Unless otherwise stated in this operating policy, the ‘Special Days Terms of Use’ and ‘Operation Policy for Individual Services’ will be followed.

We are all precious

1. Efforts together

Use language of consideration and respect for others.

Each person has a different environment and perspective, so even the same words can hurt.

Don’t divide in two or more teams.

Contents such as age, gender, politics, religion, region, etc. make viewers tired.

Please report it.

The company is committed to being a pleasant community, and we are accepting reports from you to respond faster.

Service use may be restricted.

2. Please do not do the following activities.

① Hostile,

② Malicious,

③ Demeaning,

④ Shaming

⑤ Sexually explicit,

⑥ Harassing,

⑦ False or misleading,

⑧ Harmful,

⑨ Threatening,

⑩ Cause self-harm,

⑪ Stealing from others,

⑫ Personal attack or invasion of privacy,

⑬ Infringes copyright or trademark rights,

⑭ Content or conduct that is offensive,

⑮ Content or conduct that is engage in hateful,

⑮ Content or conduct that is speculative or violent,

⑯ Acts that create controversy that have nothing to do with the community,

⑰ Accessing or interfering with the operating system without permission,

⑱ Access, search, browse, download or change the Services in an unusual way,

⑲ Disassemble or test the systems and programs distributed by the company,

⑳ Overload the company system,

㉑ Cause problems in the system or network such as spam, virus, mass mail, or message sending to the company or members,

Any other acts that violate the law are not permitted.


3. Service dormancy policy

In accordance with the Enforcement Decree of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., if you do not use the service for the period below, your personal information may be destroyed or stored separately and then the contract of use may be terminated.

① Service User

  1. If the service is not used for one year, personal information in the service is stored separately.
  2. If the service is not used for 2 years, the separated data and personal information will be deleted and the contract of use will be terminated.

4. Data deletion policy upon termination of use contract

Personal information and content will be deleted upon termination of the contract due to a member’s request or dormant policy due to violation of the terms of use.

Personal information and content will be deleted upon termination of the contract due to a member’s request or dormant policy due to violation of the terms of use.
However, content that many members have viewed is excluded. In this case, the company transmits the list of contents left to the user (Article 15 of the Terms of Use, notice and notice to members), and takes immediate action upon receipt of a request for deletion.

① When a deletion request is received, if there is no reason attributable to the company, it will be processed immediately, and it may take some time until the update depending on the server environment.

for a fun community

We are working hard to ensure that the rights of you and others are respected and protected within the service, and that the service can be stably provided as a reliable service.