Terms of service

A. General Rules

1. Purpose

The purpose of this is to prescribe basic matters such as the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the “company” and “users” when using the services operated by Special Days Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’), conditions and procedures of use.

2. Definition of Terms

① “Service”: refers to all Internet and mobile services provided by Special Days.

② “User”: refers to members and non-members who use the service.

③ “Member”: A person who agrees to these terms and conditions and uses the service provided by the company.

④ “Corporate Member”: A business member who uses the services provided by the company for commercial purposes.

⑤ “Use contract”: means a contract concluded between the company and the user in relation to the use of the service provided by the company.

⑥ “ID (account, e-mail)”: It means a combination of letters or numbers selected and approved by the member for identification of the member and the member’s service use.

⑦ “Password”: It means a combination of letters and numbers selected by the member to confirm that the member is a member that matches the ID selected by the member and to protect the rights and interests of the member.

⑧ “Content”: refers to various information provided by the company and all information (posts, notes, messages, etc.) posted by members.

⑨”Backup”: Contents are provided so that users can check them without going through the company.

⑩ “Termination (withdrawal)”: The company or member cancels the contract of use.

3. Posting and Revision of Terms

① The company posts it on the screen of the company website or service so that users can check the terms and conditions, and allows the full text of the terms and conditions to be printed.

② If necessary, the company may change these terms and conditions without violating related laws.

1. If these terms and conditions are changed, the company will notify you of the change in the service notice 15 days before the effective date

2. If the terms and conditions are changed or the service is changed or terminated unfavorably to the member, it will be notified and notified 30 days before the effective date in the manner specified in Article 15

3. 90 days to back up your content in case of service termination

제 4조 (약관의 효력)

① These terms and conditions take effect when the user agrees to the terms and conditions, applies for membership, and the company approves the application.

② f the company does not express its intention to refuse from the date of notice or notification in accordance with Article 3, Paragraph 2 to 7 days after the effective date of the revised terms, it is deemed that the changed terms and conditions have been approved.

1. If you do not agree to the revised terms and conditions

1) You can cancel the contract of use

2) Service use may be restricted

5. Rules outside of the terms and conditions

① Matters not stipulated in these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the provisions of relevant laws or the Terms of Service, operating policies and rules set by the company (hereinafter referred to as “Detailed Guidelines”).

B. Service use contract

6. Establishment of service use contract

① The service use application is made by the user entering certain information on the service membership registration screen.

1. If the ID contains specific characters or phrases, the company may prohibit its use.

② The service use contract is established at the same time membership registration is completed by the user agreeing to the contents of these terms and conditions, applying for the use specified in the preceding paragraph, and the company confirms the entered schedule information and approves the subscription.

7. Restrictions on service use

① In principle, the company approves the use of the service to the applicant for subscription in accordance with Article 6. However, in the case of each of the following subparagraphs, the company may withhold approval or not accept it until the cause is resolved. In particular, if a user is under the age of 13, an account can be created only with the consent of a legal representative such as a parent.

1. If the company has deleted the user account in accordance with these terms and conditions or detailed guidelines

2. When you try to create an account using another person’s name or email address

3. In case of omission of necessary information or entering false information when creating an account

4. If it is determined that there is a problem in the technical part for providing the service

5. When a member who has received a member suspension of membership from the company arbitrarily terminates the contract of use during the period of action and applies for re-use

6. In case of violation of other related laws or standards set by the company such as detailed guidelines

② If it is found that the account was created in violation of the above conditions, the company may immediately suspend, delete, or restrict the use of the service.

8. Change of member information

① Members can view and modify their personal information. However, the ID and business registration number required for service management cannot be directly modified.

② If the information entered by the member is changed, the company is not responsible for any disadvantages caused by not correcting it.

9. Member’s ID and Password Management Responsibilities

① Members are responsible for all management of their IDs and passwords, and must not provide, share, or disclose them to a third parties for use by a third parties.

② The company may disqualify a member in the case of the preceding paragraph.

③ If a member recognizes that member ID and password have been leaked and used by a third parties, he/she must immediately notify the company.

④ In the case of the preceding paragraph, the company may request the member to take necessary measures, such as changing the password, in order to protect the member’s personal information and prevent other illegal use of the service.

⑤ The company is not responsible for any disadvantages caused by members not faithfully fulfilling their obligations under paragraphs 2 and 3 of this article.

10. Cancellation of membership registration, use contract

① If a member wishes to cancel the contract of use, he or she can apply for membership cancellation at any time through the member withdrawal function within the service.

1. The company handles the member’s request for withdrawal unless there are unavoidable circumstances.

2. In the case of corporate members, it is processed according to the contents of a separate contract.

② Members who have entered into a paid service use contract with the company may withdraw their subscription within a certain period as stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations. However, paid services include services that cannot be withdrawn as stipulated in the ‘Contents Industry Promotion Act’ and ‘Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, Etc.’. For more details, follow the detailed instructions.

③ If there is no record of logging in or access to use the service for the period stipulated by law, the company may destroy or separate account information after notification by other valid means such as registered e-mail address or mobile phone address.

1. However, exceptions are made when it is impossible to notify the user without a reason attributable to the company.

2. If the necessary information for using the service is insufficient, the contract of use may be terminated.

3. For more details, follow the service dormancy policy.

④ When the contract of use is terminated, your information will be deleted, except when we retain your information in accordance with laws and the privacy policy.

1. However, the contents created for service use are subject to the service operation policy.

⑤ In the event of cancellation of membership registration or termination of the contract of use in accordance with Paragraph 1 of this Article, we will notify and notify you in the manner specified in Article 15.

C. Use service

11. Provide service

① The company provides the service to the member from the time the member’s application for service is approved. However, in the case of paid services, in principle, the service will be provided from the time the full usage fee is paid.

② We do our best to provide the service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, in each of the following cases, all or part of the service may be restricted or suspended.

1. In the case of regular or temporary inspections for maintenance and repair of service facilities

2. In case of disruption to normal service use due to power outage, equipment failure, or excessive usage

3. In case the service cannot be maintained due to various circumstances of the company, such as government orders/regulations, changes to service/member policies, etc.

4. In case of force majeure such as other natural disasters or national emergencies

③ In the event of suspension of the service pursuant to the preceding paragraph, we will notify and notify in advance in the manner stipulated in Article 15.

1. In the event that the service is interrupted due to reasons that cannot be predicted or controlled by the company (server failure, communication failure, etc., which is not the company’s negligence), advance notice and notice cannot be given. In this case, the company will try to restore the service as soon as possible.

12. Member Responsibilities

① When using the service, you must not do any of the following acts.

1. Entering false information when applying for or changing use, stealing or illegally using another member’s ID and password, using another person’s name, or performing authentication without the owner’s permission

2. Posting articles or sending messages by impersonating or impersonating the company or operator or by stealing someone else’s name

3. Acts that interfere with the normal operation of the service, such as using the service in a malicious way not permitted by the company

4. Copying, modifying, distributing, selling, transferring, lending, collateralizing, or allowing others to use the service or part of the software included therein without the consent of the company, reverse engineering the software or attempting to extract the source code, etc. Duplicate, disassemble, imitate, or otherwise modify the Service

5. Acts of collecting, storing, stealing, trading, or distributing other people’s personal information

6. Registering or transmitting commercial content such as advertisements, promotions, or invitations to visits to others, such as postings, messages, chatting, etc., of others without the explicit consent of others

7. Selling business products by members who are not registered as corporate members

8. Repeatedly registering the same or similar content on the service

9. The act of continuously uploading content that is different from the space where the content is posted or the characteristics of the bulletin board

10. Injuring human dignity or committing violence on the grounds of origin (country, region, etc.), race, appearance, disability or disease, socioeconomic situation and status, religion, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or other identity factors Acts that incite or promote discrimination or prejudice

11. Other illegal activities

② The right to use the service or other status in the contract of use cannot be transferred, donated, or loaned to another person, and cannot be provided as collateral.

③ If you do not comply with the relevant laws, all terms and conditions or policies of the company, the company may investigate the member’s violations, temporarily or permanently suspend the use of the account or service, or restrict re-registration.

④ If it adversely affects service provision or seriously interferes with stable operation, such as malfunction of service-related facilities or system destruction or confusion, the company may place restrictions on service use.

⑤ In the event that a member violates these terms and conditions or related laws, the company notifies the member, restricts the use, and gives the member an opportunity to explain for 14 days.

1. If you are dissatisfied with the result of the measures in relation to the restriction of use, you can raise an objection through the customer center.

2. However, the company may immediately terminate the use contract if it is judged to be a serious violation.

13. Corporate Member Responsibilities

① When introducing your product, you must provide correct information.

② In addition to Article 13, you must not engage in any of the following acts.

1. Exaggerating to promote a product

2. Posting false product information

14. Protection of personal information

① Personal information is used only for the purpose and scope agreed upon for the smooth provision of services.

② The company will never provide your personal information to third parties unless you consent.

③ For more details, follow the privacy policy.

15. Notice and notice to members

① The notice to all service users takes effect by posting it in the service notice column for at least 7 days.

② In the event of a significant impact on the use of the service, the processing result is notified to the applicant using the member’s e-mail, pop-up window, or notification message.

1. However, exceptions are made when it is impossible to notify the user without a reason attributable to the company.

D. Content Management and Copyright Policy

16. Registration and management of content

① Members can voluntarily create content within the scope stipulated in these terms and conditions. You cannot write the corresponding content in each of the items below.

1. Content that damages the honor or disadvantages of others

2. Content that contains links to illegal speculative, gambling sites

3. Content that contains links to pornography or pornographic sites

4. Content depicting nudity or lewd behavior

5. Selling or promoting illegal or harmful products, fraudulent products, or items prohibited for sale over the Internet

6. Content for the purpose of politics, religion, or incitement or criticism

7. Information, text, figures, voices, etc. that violate public order and morals

8. Contents that infringe on copyrights and other rights of the company or third parties

9. Acts pretending to be other people and falsely stating relationships with others

10. Contents of sales of business products by members who are not registered as corporate members

11. Content written for the purpose of giving property benefits to self or others or inflicting damage to others

12. Contents that mediate prostitution or related information or fornication

13. Content that interferes with the other person’s daily life by sending words, sounds, texts, images, or images that cause shame, disgust, or fear to the other person

14. Content different from the nature of the bulletin board

15. Registering or transmitting commercial content such as advertisements, promotions, or invitations to visits to others, such as postings, messages, chatting, etc., of others without the explicit consent of others

16. Use of profanity, vulgar language, slang, etc., and other abnormal content that goes against common sense and common sense

17. Content that displays, rationalizes, or encourages suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, substance abuse, etc.

18. Contents that are prohibited from being transmitted or posted in accordance with related laws such as the Information and Communications Network Act and the Copyright Act

19. Materials containing software viruses, other computer codes, file programs, etc. designed for the purpose of disrupting or destroying service operation, computer software, hardware, and normal operation of telecommunications equipment

② If the member’s content is included in Paragraph 1 of this Article

1. The right holder may request to suspend or delete the posting, and the company must take action in accordance with laws and regulations.

2. The company may restrict or delete the use of posts.

③ Detailed procedures under this Article shall follow the operating policy set by the company within the scope stipulated by the Information and Communications Network Act and the Copyright Act.

17. Use of content

① Users can view published content. However, you cannot view restricted content.

② The company acquires the right to use the public content created by the member at the same time it is posted, and the scope of the use right follows the contents of Article 19. The period of use of the use right acquired by the company is permanent unless there is a

③ The company may transmit or post content created to improve service quality and increase participation in news, portal sites, etc.

④ The company can check whether it violates Article 17 Paragraph 1 even in the case of non-public content.

18. Copyright of the content

① Among all contents created by members, copyrighted works are subject to copyright protection.

② If you use an object belonging to another person’s intellectual property rights, you must obtain the prior consent of the right holder.

③ The copyright of the content created by the member in the service belongs to the author of the content.

④ The intellectual property rights for the services and contents provided by the company belong to the company.

⑤ The contents of the postings disclosed by members within the service may be cited or exposed in other services such as search results, service promotions, and news content on the Internet, such as portal sites, and may be partially modified or edited and posted within the scope necessary for such exposure. there is. In addition, it may be transmitted or posted to other services operated by portal sites, etc. according to the contents of Article 18, Paragraph 3 of these Terms and Conditions.

1. In this case, the member can take action such as deletion or correction of the post at any time by contacting the company by phone, e-mail, etc., or through customer inquiry.

⑥ If the company intends to use the member’s contents in a way other than paragraph 5, it must obtain the member’s consent in advance through telephone, e-mail, note, message, etc.

19.Protection of rights of members and third parties

① Members must not infringe other rights, including intellectual property rights and moral rights, including copyrights of others. If this is the case, the member is responsible for the results resulting from the posting.

1. All or part of another person’s work must not be used by copying, distributing, or transmitting without the express consent of the copyright holder.

② If a lawsuit or other legal objection is raised by a third party due to infringement of copyright and other rights with respect to the member’s posting, the member bears the cost of resolving all legal issues caused by the infringement, including attorney’s fees. and other measures to protect the company.

③ In the event of an objection to a member’s post for infringement of copyright and other rights from a third party, the company may delete the post.

④ Members shall not use the information obtained by using the service for profit-making purposes by copying, transmitting, publishing, transmitting, distributing, broadcasting or other methods without the prior consent of the company, or allowing a third party to use it regardless of the purpose.

⑤ If a third party wants to use a member’s post posted or registered on the company’s service, it must be used after obtaining the member’s explicit consent. However, transmission and posting in accordance with Article 18, Paragraph 3 of these Terms and Conditions are excluded.

20. Request to take down copyrighted posts

① Reports of copyright infringement can be reported by e-mail or customer inquiry.

② The company completes the takedown processing within up to 24 hours after confirming the post requested to be taken down and notifies the result.

E. Membership disqualification and dispute resolution

21.Disqualification of membership

① If a member violates Articles 12 and 13 of these Terms and Conditions or related laws, the company notifies the member and restricts use. After giving an opportunity to explain for 14 days, if an appropriate explanation is not achieved, the contract of use may be terminated.

② In the event of cancellation of membership registration or termination of the contract of use pursuant to Paragraph 1 of this Article, notice shall be made in accordance with Paragraph 2 of Article 15.

22. Compensation for damages

① To the extent permitted by law, the company makes no commitments or warranties regarding any specific matters not specified in these terms and conditions in relation to the service.

② The company will compensate you for any damage caused by the company’s negligence in accordance with these terms and conditions and related laws. However, the company is not responsible for the following damages that occur without the negligence of the company.

1. Damages caused by natural disasters or equivalent force majeure

2. 여러분의 귀책사유로 서비스 이용에 장애가 발생한 경우

3. If there is a problem in using the service due to reasons attributable to you

4. Damages caused by a third party’s illegal access to or use of the company’s server

5. Damages caused by a third party interfering with transmission to or from the company server

6. Damages caused by the transmission or distribution of malicious programs by a third party

7. Damages caused by omission, omission, or destruction of transmitted data, damage caused by a third party in the process of using the service, such as defamation

8. Damages caused by other reasons not intentional or negligible by the company

③ The company is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of information, data, facts, etc. about the contents written by members.

④ The company is not responsible for disputes between members or between members and third parties through content. However, the use of content in dispute may be restricted.

⑤ The company is not responsible for the contents of other people’s content (including web pages or links) provided by the company, and is not responsible for damages caused by members’ voluntary use or trust.

⑥ If damage occurs to the company due to violating the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the violator must compensate the company for all damages and indemnify the company from the damage.

23. Dispute Resolution

① The company and the member must make sincere efforts with each other to amicably resolve disputes arising out of these terms and conditions or services.

② In the event of a dispute, the dispute shall be handled in accordance with the procedures set forth in the “Civil Procedure Act” of the Republic of Korea.

Effective date : 8/5/22